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Gaia (Pron. Guy-Ah) from Ancient Greek  it is a poetical form of "earth" or "land". Gaia/Gaea was the goddess of personification of the Earth.

The Gaia Collection believes in a unique style and can accessorize yours! Every creation is an expression of art and is made with passion, craftsmanship and Individuality.

Gaia’s Designer

Lilian Motta is the passionate designer and the motivated entrepreneur of The Gaia Collection. Motta has been designing and repairing jewelry since her elementary schoolyard days, when all she used were her teeth and scissors. This worldly designer’s travels and never-ending curiosity has introduced her to great teachers, different techniques and inspiration yielding truly to unique accessories. Individuality is her signature mark and together you can create your own custom piece.

the gaia collection designer lilian molta


Gaia’s Travels

Motta travels to Latin America in search of stones, material, ideas and enlightenment for her designs.  Many adventures from Mexico, Central America and Peru helped her with her collection of cultures, experiences, emotions and memories. The Gaia Collection is illuminated by this.

the gaia collection travels


Gaia’s Technique

Various techniques are used for the different designs in The Gaia Collection: Wire Craft: This technique does not require any adhesive or heat to hold the stone and metal together. It is a technique that requires patience and a creative hand for one bad move might mean starting over again. Soldering is the newest technique Motta has adopted. Although new technology allows for designs to be computerized, Motta prefers to sculpt with her hands and tools using rustic soldering techniques. Prices reflect craftsmanship, material and of course the amount of time it takes to create a unique work of art with each piece.

the gaia collection technique


Gaia’s Material

Most designs are a combination of Sterling Silver, Semi-Precious to precious stones. The collection also includes designs with coral, wood, seeds, leather and any unique finding that carries good energy.  The list of semi-precious stone goes from A-Z from Amber, Quartz, Amazonite, Onyx, Turquoise, Citrine and many more. The stones are collected from different countries like Peru and Mexico; some are purchased at mineral stores or traded with other artisans Lilian meets in her travels. All earing hooks and posts are made with sterling silver from Taxco, Mexico.




Contact The Gaia Collection if you are inspired by a piece, have your own custom idea or have any question about the designs.

If you are a local shopper, pickup locations are available in the North York Area, Toronto.

You can also check out our little spot at The Art Market located at 1114 Queen St East. Toronto, Ontario. 

Contact by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 647.465.4242 with any questions or custom inquiries.